Let the productivity begin!

I start school soon. On the 6th. I’m super nervous, mainly because I have a little motivation problem sometimes. And anxiety. The combination of those is basically one of the worst things to happen to any student. 

Last year, I did mediocre in school, mainly because I skipped. A lot. It was a bad decision. I passed all of my classes, but didn’t do as well as I normally do. 

Anxiety is something that I’ve  always dealt with in school. In high school, I used to have panic attacks in my English class. The room was small, hot, and there were so many people. I felt blocked in. It is hands down, the worst thing that I remember about high school.

Now that I have a choice whether or not to go to class, sometimes, my anxiety gets the best of me and I skip. Without fail, I feel bad about it afterwards. But sometimes in that moment….man, some bad decisions can be made.

But, fall (it is on the way!) always motivates me. I have some major goals to accomplish.

Are you excited for fall?


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